Mehdi Dorkhah

1973 Tehran Education 2000 Photography graduate from the university of Art and Architecture Islamic Azad- Tehran Exhibitions 1998-2010 Participate in the 5 photo Exhibition 2002 Solo photo Exhibition (North town village of Tehran)Research and Studies organization municipality of Tehran gallery 2003 Solo photo Exhibition (Central Alborz Mines)Metallurgy Department Amir kabir University 2003 Participate in group sculpture and painting Exhibition (Saadabad gallery) 2004 Photo book (Window) group photo collection 2009 Solo photo Exhibition(Park mellat Cinema Construction)Park Mellat Cinema gallery 2009 Sculpture Exhibition (Varagh group) Art center Medal Exhibition (Mahe mehr Gallery) 2010 2011 Varagh Group Exhibition (Elahe Gallery) 2011 Sculpture Group Exhibition (Henna Gallery)