Mohammad Adibi

M. Adibi Born 1 / 12 / 1368 Mashhad Graduate degree in photojournalism at the associate degree Management of student affairs Member photos Mashhad Member of the National Iranian Photographers National Photography Festival, the third arbitrator Mashhad The referee's first national photography festival Cooperative First official photos of Mashhad in the National Festival of Architecture Spirituality in the third Festival of Architecture Seventh Image of the Year Award and second prize in the art Vhnrmndan Mohsen R. F. Theater student in third place photo portraits Ashura pictures Jshvarh third moments Favorite Children Photo Festival Vnvjvan Watercolor UN Millennium Jshvarh photo prize Appreciations in Paradise Photo Festival The festival's third prize in the portrait photo cyan environment (special section) Participate in festivals: Eighth Festival Photo Watercolor Images Festival of Spirituality and Architecture Festival of Photography Festival Photo Cyan First Photo Festival, with male thread The first youth film festival photo photo center camps Mashhad Fajr theater festival photos Bndrmahshhr Festival Photos Free Photo Youth Film Festival in Bushehr The third festival, photo cyan First Photo Festival with the theme of identity Festival Photo 2009 Light & Shadow Ukraine Thirty-third Massachusetts Association of America critics Shows: Group exhibition of photographs of the city of Yazd deflector Photo Exhibition Ashoura (religious occasions) Persian Gulf Persian Gulf Day Photo Exhibition Group exhibition of photographs yesterday ahead Hold the first Expo to cooperate with the Foundation's image Mashhad, with three photographers Mashhadi