hossein mosaferi

Hossein Mosaferi is a native Iranian and artist by nature. He took off after his father who was another artist. Photography, painting and design are some of his ways to show his feelings and express himself. Age 9 was a key point for him. He had extra spare time when schools were closed because of Iran’s revolution. He started to paint his favorite cartoon characters and most of all he was interested to picture “Tin Tin” who was his childhood hero. He showed his drawings to his teacher after reopening the schools and she pushed him to draw more and more. He painted his first oil color painting at age 12 and after that he experienced all paintings methods, such as: water color, pencil, etc. His father gave him a professional Minolta camera as his 11th birthday gift and that was another key sequence in his life. He started to see the world through the lens of his camera; but photography was just a fun for him and his basic art was painting. November 2006 was another key point for him, where he met some professional photographers in his trip to Maranjab desert. He didn’t stop photographing since then.