Babak Etminani

Born in March 3, 1957, Tehran. Statement: I am an artist who has been educated in the Modern West but whose paintings, feelings and thoughts have been pointing at the Mystical East. My vision seeks unity between the two opposites of Modernism and Mystical traditions. My art is about the Essence, the Hidden/Obvious, in its might and majestic beauty. It is about the mystery and oneness of nature as the greatest source of my inspiration. I paint to beg the Inseparable to unveil a secret upon my canvas. If my prayer were granted, a universe made of paint would come to life before my eyes to which I bear witness. Thus, I paint to remain in inner harmony with an outward expansion, and I paint to unify my artistic will with the laws of physics and the accidents of fate. As a teacher, I have no doubt that there is a shining seed in all students, regardless of their background, which is ready to grow into a luminous tree if attended to. By evoking a thirst for knowledge, activating movements in mind, and stimulating the intuitive wisdom, I hope to provide enough space for that seed to grow…and to grow with it myself. Education: 1991, MFA in Painting/Drawing, California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, California. 1989, BFA in Drawing (with high distinction), California College of Arts and Crafts. 1984, Certificate in Graphic Design, University of California Extension in Berkeley.