Mona Paad

Mona Paad was born in 1974 in Tehran . In 2000, she graduated in Industrial Design from Al-Zahra University , in Tehran . She never distanced herself from having sculptural approaches in her industrial designing career and continued her sculpture works, simultaneously. In 2006, she finished a sculpture course in Mah-e Mehr School , under Parviz Tenavoli's supervision. Since 1995 and concurrent with her studies, Paad started to work in governmental and private companies and institutes. She took the helm as the designer and implemented many projects including the designing of industrial components, Interior and furniture designing, reconstruction and renovation of buildings, and designing pavilions for great companies, such as Secco Iran, Taleghani Wood Industries, Azin Khodro auto company, Iran School Equipment, etc …, in national and international fairs in Tehran and other large Iranian cities. In addition to all the above activities, Mona Paad was not negligent of her music career. Being a graduate of Choir Singing course from Children & Adolescents' Art and Literature School, affiliated to Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), she joined the National Choir of Tehran's Symphonic Orchestra as a soprano, and then worked as a music teacher and conductor of Al-Zahra University's choir group. In 2006, Paad and a number of young sculptors formed the "Maakus" sculpture group. This group has, so far, set up tree exhibitions in Tehran . The first one was in fall 2006, in Asar Gallery. The second one was held in winter 2008, in "10" Gallery. The third exhibition was held in spring 2010 in “Shirin “gallery. The first Medal exhibition in Iran in summer 2010 in “Mahe-Mehr”gallery. two person exhibition in Etemad gallery in 2010 . solo exhibition in golestan gallery in 2010. from 2009, she started teaching a group of sculpture students in Mah-e Mehr School , as Parviz Tanavoli's assistant . Mona Paad's art works have found their way into accredited private collections, in Tehran, Dubai and London .