Nasrin Yavari

Nasrin Yavari Date of berth:1972 BA in painting from azad university Joint member of Iranian painters' society Member of visual arts development institute Participation in more than 20 individual and group painting and illustration exhibitions Participation in the forth by annual world of Islamic international painting exhibition,Tehran-2007 Participation in seventh by annual national painting exhibition of Iran,Tehran 2008 Lecture in art university and art schools since 1995 Chosen as distinguished lecturer by art assembly institute in 2004 Member of panel of judges for Besm-e-Alah festival (art assembly institute) Tehran-2005 Exhibitions: 1.Individual painting exhibition,zarabi gallery,Tehran 2000 2. Group painting exhibition,shabda gallery,Tehran 2001 3.Group illustration exhibition,atashzad gallery,Tehran 2001 4.Group painting exhibition,shafag gallery,Tehran 2002 5.Group illustration exhibition,bamdad gallery,Tehran 2002 6.Group painting exhibition,bamdad gallery ,Tehran 2003 7.Group illustration exhibition Koodak gallery,Tehran 2004 8.Individual painting exhibition,seyhoun gallery,Tehran 2006 9.The great art expo,saadabad palace,Tehran 2007 10.Forth by annual world of Islamic International painting exhibition 2007 11.Group painting exhibition( society of Iranian painters),Amol,2007 12Seventh by annual national painting exhibition of Iran,Tehran 2008 13.The great painting exhibition(society of Iranian painters),Iranian artist Gallery,Tehran 2008