Farah Abolghassem

Farah Abolghasem Date of birth: 1960 Educational certificate: B.A. in painting from faculty of fine arts, AL-ZAHRA University in 1988. Occupation record: Teaching in AZAD ESLAMI University from 1991 to 1993. Passing course of jewelry making and jewelry designing .Interior designer and arranged several interior design private exhibition at Tehran and also she has arranged some group painting and jewelry exhibition abroad .Art criticize in magazines since 1990 . And also one of her painting is selected for international painting competition, organized by Windsor and Newton Company. And it has been exhibited at London, Brussels, Stockholm and U.N. building in New York in 2000. And one of her paintings has been printed in magnificent paintings book, published by Windsor and Newton Company. Chosen artist by Tehran Contemporary Arts Museum for passing educational courses at international arts center (Cite International Des Art) in Paris for one year (2002). Permanent member of painters association of Iran. Permanent member of International Women Artists Association of Paris. Permanent member of SEGMENT international artist group. Awards: winner of first prize from city hall gallery in PARIS. Museums and private collections: 1. Contemporary museum of fine art Tehran 2. Windsor & Newton museum 3. Imam Ali museum Tehran 4. Museum of especial economic zone GHASHM 5. Novin Gallery EGHTESAD NOVIN Bank of Iran. 6. PASARGAD Bank Museum .. 22 paintings have been bought by HILTON HOTEL of Tehran. 7. Privet collection of Mr Yahya Fiuzi 8. Privet collection of Mr. Babak Bahrami 9. Privet collection of Mrs. Manijeh Miremadi 10. Privet collection Mrs. FERYAL SALAHSHOOR and Mr. JAHANGER KAZERONI 11. Privet collection of Mrs. ARIA EGBAL 12. Privet collection of Mr. HASAN MOTAGHI 13. Privet collection of Mr. NASROLAH KASRAIAN 14. Privet collection of Mr. YAGHOUB EMDADIAN 15. Privet collection of Mr. NASERI 16. Privet collection of Mr. DARIUOSH ZANDI 17. Privet collection of. MR. GHOBADIAN Exhibitions: 1. SHARIF INDUSTRIAL University, (in group) 2. SEYHOUN gallery with LALEH MIZANI and ARIA EGHBAL Oct 1988 3. Museum of contemporary arts, portrait exhibition, (in group) Feb 1990 4. SEYHOUN gallery with LALEH MIZANI Jan 1991 5. Sport park (in group) Feb 1922 6. Export development center of Iran (in group) May 1991 7. NIAVARAN culture-house gallery (in group) Feb 1993 8. ARIA gallery (in group) Oct 1993 9. NIAVARAN culture gallery (in group) Oct 1994 10. Aria gallery (individually) Oct 1994 11. NIAVARAN culture-house gallery (in group) Nov 1995 12. Aria gallery (in group) Feb 1995 13. The exhibition of contemporary women artists 1997 14. The exhibition for help to (hemophilia) children SEYHOUN gallery (in group) 1997 15. The exhibition for help to cancerous. Aria gallery 1997 16. Carier gallery Toronto (in group) 1996 17. Exhibition in Roma café gallery Washington D.C. (in group) 1996 18. Exhibition in New Haven (in group) 1996 19. NIAVARAN culture-house gallery (in group) 1997 20. International Chain art expo Beijing China 1997 21. DARYABEIGI gallery (in group) 1997 22. The exhibition of contemporary drawing BARG gallery 1997 23. The exhibition to help cancerous children (in group) 1997 24.4th painting biennial contemporary art museum 1997-1998 25. The exhibition of contemporary drawing BARG gallery 1998 26. The women partner organization exhibition 1998 27. Jewelery exhibition at courtyard gallery Dubai 1999 28. International exhibition (the world's finest artist's materials) world wide Millennium Painting competition, by Windsor and Newton 1999 29. Museum of contemporary arts (a new look at the nature) 1999 30. First drawing biennial at contemporary arts museum Tehran 2000 31. Art expo New York U.S.A 2000 32. Exhibition of Iranian artists Atrium gallery Washington D.C 2000 33. Contemporary art of Iran CIMA gallery New York 2000 34. Jewellery exhibition at Court Yard gallery Dubai 2000 35. Iranian painting exhibition Nicosia Cyprus at KASELLIOTISSA hall 2000 36.5th biennial painting contemporary art museum Tehran 2000 37. Jewellery exhibition in Dubai at Courtyard Gallery 2001 38. Jewellery exhibition in Tehran at Aria gallery 2001 39. Group exhibition with female artists in Tehran 2001 40. Group exhibition in Tehran at TARH-O-RANG gallery 2001 41. Group painting exhibition by contemporary artists of Iran in Dubai at Courtyard gallery (I have organized this exhibition) 2001 42. Single painting exhibition at Aria gallery in Tehran 2001 43. Group conceptual art exhibition at BARG gallery in Tehran 2001 44. Group exhibition in Amsterdam at amber gallery 2002 45. Iranian painting exhibition at courtyard gallery in Dubai 2002 46. Group exhibition at Iranian culture center in Paris 2002 47. Group exhibition at cite international des arts galleries in Paris 2002 48. Single exhibition at cite international des arts gallery in Paris 2002 49. International women group exhibition (winner of first prize) At city hall gallery of Paris 2002 50. International group exhibition at LOREZON gallery Paris 2003 51. Single exhibition aria gallery 2003 52. Group exhibition at AL BIDA Gallery DOHA by Tehran museum of contemporary arts 2003 53. The 6th Tehran contemporary painting Biennial 2004 54. Group exhibition in TABATABAI house gallery in KASHAN 2003 55 Group exhibition International women federation NIAVARAN culture house Tehran 2004 56 Group exhibition in Geneva Switzerland by Aria gallery 2004 57 Short movie and conceptual art at aria gallery 2004 58 Group exhibitions at KHANE e HONARMANDAN Tehran 2004 59 Group exhibition at USA by Aria gallery 2004 60. Tehran art expo by Aria gallery 2004 61. Group exhibition in RAMSAR city by Iranian society of paint 2005 62. Group exhibition in SARI city by Iranian society of painter 2005 63. Group exhibition in Rasht city by Iranian society of painters 2005 64. Contemporary painters’ exhibition at contemporary museum of Tehran 2005 65. Group exhibition by contemporary museum of Tehran at KOROVASI 2006 66. Group exhibition by contemporary museum of Tehran at Italy 2006 67. Single painting and sculpture exhibition at Day gallery 2006 68. Group painting and sculpture exhibition at MAH gallery 2006 69. China Art expo 2006 70 .Group exhibition by society of Iranian painters In NIAVARAN culture center 2006 71. Tehran Art Expo at NIAVARAN culture center 2007 72. Group painting and sculpture exhibition at MAH gallery 2007 73. 8th Biennial of Tehran. Contemporary art museum of Tehran (selected and invited artist) 2008 74. Tehran Art Expo at VAHDAT HALL 2008-2009 75. Solo painting exhibition at Hour gallery 2009 76. Group painting and sculpture exhibition at MAH gallery 2009 77. Group exhibition by association of Iranian painters At KHANEYE HONARMANDAN 2009 78. 3rd group exhibition by HAFT-NEGAH at PARDISE MELLAT gallery 2010 79. 4rd group exhibition by HAFT NEGAH AT KHANE HONARMANDAN 2010 80. Group exhibition at SHIRIN gallery 2010 81. GROUP EXHIBITION AT ARIA GAIIERY 2011 82. GROUP EXHIBITION AT DAY GALLERY 2011 83. Single exhibition at Aria gallery 2011 84. Group exhibition at Farvahr gallery segment group2012 85. Art expo Tehran 2012 86. Single exhibition at central book city 2012