Fakhreddin Kakavand

- Born in Iran, 1978 - Beginning of Art experiences (Drawing, Painting, Calligraphy) in early ages - Graduate of school "Shahid bahonar" at course of Visual Arts, 2000 - Commencing to work as a Sculptor, 1998 - Commencing to create Pottery works, 2000 - Graduate of University of Tehran, "College of Fine Arts" at course of Sculpting, 2010 Exhibitions: - The National Festival of Young Artist (Visual Arts), Shiraz, Iran, 1998 - Group Sculpture Exhibition, Khoramabad, Iran, 1998 - The 2nd National Sandy Sculpture Festival, Babolsar, Iran, 2006 - The Snow Festival, Hamedan, Iran, 2006 - 5th Sculpture Biennale, Museum of Contemporary Arts, Tehran, Iran, 2007 - The Jahad Exhibition, Barg Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2009 - 4th Small Sculptures Exhibition, Iranian Artists’ House, Tehran, Iran, 2009 - The 4th Group Sculpture Exhibition of "Bazrhaye Ba'obab", Laleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2009 - 4th Pottery & Ceramic Biennale, Semnan, Iran, 2009 - The Sculpture Exhibition for under the age of 35, Barg Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2009 - Group Exhibition of Iranian Sculptors in the Mojasameh Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2010 - The 2nd Biennale of Urban Sculptures, Tehran, Iran, 2010 -kerman symposium,made master Rezaeis sculpture -The Expo 90,Shirin Gallery Tehran,Iran,2011 -The Sculpture Exhibition of Moghavemat, Saba Gallery,2011 -6th small Sculpture Exhibition, Faravahar Gallery,Tehran,Iran,2012 -Group Exhibition of Chahar soie Khial, Iranian Artist House,Tehran,Iran,2012 -The Exehibition of Bome Barkat, Shiraz, Iran,2012 -Group Exhibition of Figureativ Sculpture, Shirin Gallery,Tehran,Iran 2012 Awards: - First Prize, Sculpture Festival of "Prevention from Addiction", Khraomabad, Iran, 2003 - First Prize, Students Workshop "Scarecrow", College of Fine Arts, Tehran, Iran, 2005 - First Prize, Winter Festival of Snow Sculptures, The S'adabad Museum, Tehran, Iran, 2004 - First Prize, 4th National Sandy Sculptures Festival, Babolsar, Iran, 2008 - First Prize, 5th National Imam Reza Sculpture Festival, Shiraz, Iran, 2008 Activities: - Member of Iranian Sculptors society, since 2006 - Member of Iranian potter Artists society, since 2011